mars 02, 2012

Market Baguette by Cinderberry Stitches

Ages ago I made the stitcheries for the market baguette bag by Cinderberry Stitches. Then I didn't feel like cuttig all the 1,5" strips for the bag and figured I would by a honeybun to solve that problem. Since there's no quiltshoppes where I live I started searching the internet but never seemed to find a honeybun I liked... But then suddenly a couple of weeks ago I knew what to do! Here's the result and I just LOVE my market baguette bag!



I like it so much I couldn't help myself so I also made a smaller bag using selvages.




4 kommentarer:

  1. Vad fina dom blev!! Nu måste jag skärpa mej och sy dom sista sömmarna på min.
    Kram Lotta

  2. Så coola väskor du sytt! Me like! Och jag känner till ett ställe vars man köpa Honey Buns..! ;-) Kram till dig!

  3. Så tuffa väskor, kul med stadkanter.