januari 30, 2012

Sewing again!

I've been sewing again! Made a Quilt for baby Henny that saw the light of day december 28. She also got a toy and a wheat warmer. The wheat warmer is my own pattern and I'm not going to show it to you just yet ;)

Also I made this book cover. In this book I write down all the clever thing that comes out our boys' mouths =)


januari 29, 2012

I hate my blog right now!

For days I've been trying to post some pictures of things I've sewn but whatever I do I can't get them the way I want them, they're all tilted to te side :(


And as soon as I posted this it suddenly worked just the way I wanted!

januari 11, 2012

Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle

Who knew there was so much fabic yet to be seen ;-) I had a blast putting my bundle together even though it took quite some time to do it! This is how it turned out:

If you hurry you can still enter with the bundle of your choice at Quokka Quilts.
Join in the fun!


januari 04, 2012

Playing in the snow & GreenGate

Went to Piteå today to pick up our oldest son who's spent a couple of days with Lotta and her family. This is what they have been doing:

Building snowmen.


Building tunnels.

Making a snow vacuum cleaner.

I did some shopping and bought two of these lovely mugs from GreenGate. I'm in love with all their things and wish to buy even more! =).

After a very yummy dinner and cake (!) we got to drive home in a blizzard. It took us a while but we made it.