juni 27, 2012

Mid summer

 We spent the weekend in beautiful Järvträsk

We had cake

And we just relaxed and had fun

What did you do??


juni 19, 2012


Spent the weekend at a quiltgathering in Luleå at Quilterian. It was so nice to meet old friends and make new ones. Thank you all for a lovely weekend!! It's been an inspiring weekend and I can't wait to continue with my projects.

See how deeply concentrated they all are?? One might think there was no cheerful chatter but then one might think wrong ;)


juni 06, 2012


In celebration of her new BOM "Home Sweet Home", Helen of Hugs'n Kisses is having a giveaway. You can win a full pattern set to the "Home Sweet Home" BOM:

Gorgeous isn't is?!



Kallholmen har en utlottning på sin blogg där du kan vinna sängbordet på bilden eller en en annan vara för samma summa. Ta chansen vet ja! De har så otroligt vackra saker i sin butik.