mars 10, 2012

Nox and Neo

Nox in his new outfit.

Neo in front of their new computer.


mars 09, 2012

Nataniel 5

It's hard do imagine that five years ago I gave birth to this...

...the smallest of boys, a premature baby så small he could were his fathers weddingring on his arm. Today he became five years old, and a big boy!

A boy who wanted a weddingcake, not just a birthdaycake! Happy birthday my beautiful boy!

At the end of the day the boys invited us to a show... so LET's ROCK!


mars 02, 2012

Market Baguette by Cinderberry Stitches

Ages ago I made the stitcheries for the market baguette bag by Cinderberry Stitches. Then I didn't feel like cuttig all the 1,5" strips for the bag and figured I would by a honeybun to solve that problem. Since there's no quiltshoppes where I live I started searching the internet but never seemed to find a honeybun I liked... But then suddenly a couple of weeks ago I knew what to do! Here's the result and I just LOVE my market baguette bag!



I like it so much I couldn't help myself so I also made a smaller bag using selvages.





Ta chansen att vinna en vacker skylt från Ofelias Hus!