augusti 28, 2011

Busy day!

Today has been a really busy day, mainly for my husband and the ones who helped us. This morning our good friend Stefan came by and built us a new staircase. Our old one was dangerous and has given us a lot of worries. This is how nice the new staircase lookes like!

Also my brother and his wife came to visit. They wanted to buy the stove from our hot tub and so they also helped us to dispose of the old hot tub. They also took both our old couches with them as we have no use for them and my father wanted to take care of them for us :).

Also we've helped our bonus daughter to pack for a week hiking in the mountains and living in a tent. Her whole class is going and they are leaving 5.30 in the morning! Hope they get a wounderful week and lots of sun!


augusti 22, 2011

Renovating and redecorating.

As promised here are some pics of our new hallway...

Just need to get the mirror up on the wall and buy some new hangers.
...and our new livingroom...

I just love how it turned out!

Well, more to come as soon as we finish more projects around the house ;-)


augusti 07, 2011


The newlyweds.

Nataniel & Neo

The weddinggift.

for a wonderful evening!

We wish you all the best!