februari 22, 2010

An award!

I got this award from Brita

The rules for this award is:
1. Show the button.
2. Post a link to the giver.
3. Tell seven things about yourself.
4. Give the award to seven inspiring bloggers.

Well, here's seven things about me:

1. Chocolate! Chocolate! Chocolate! I love it! Can't live without it!

2. I was born i Gothenburg.

3. I used to be a punk, mohawk and all, back in the day.

4. I studied to become a car-mechanic but ended up as a socialworker.

5. I had a huge teenage crush on my husband 16 years before we got married.

6. I'm a facebook-junkie.

7. Even the tiniest spider scares me half to death!

And the seven bloggers I'm sending this to are: Kristina, Camilla, Lotta, Eva, Marica, Stina & Anna.

1 kommentar:

  1. Hej du... tack för awarden..:o)
    Är totalt hopplös när det gäller dessa... men tack ändå... :o) Kul att läsa om dig.. även om jag visste det mesta.. ;o)